Are flying insects, roaches, and rodents invading your home? Now you can make them all disappear for good with Atomic Zapper™! It's the first ultrasonic pest repeller and flying insect zapper combined into one powerful device. Terminate roaches, repel rodents, and kill flying insects - for good. Completely rid your home of irritating insects and disease-carrying rodents so they won't come back. Atomic Zapper™ also attracts and zaps flying insects dead. It uses ultrasonic soundwaves to drive bugs away and keep them away. The frequency is higher than what the average person and pet can hear. While it drives pests crazy, it won't bother you or your pets. Thanks to Blue Light Technology, Atomic Zapper™ attracts and kills flying insects. Atomic Zapper™ services any average-sized room. There's no installation required. Just plug it in and it's ready to work! Now you won't have to deal with toxic chemicals or spend a fortune on expensive exterminators. Atomic Zapper™ is the simple, easy, and non-toxic way to eliminate pesky pests forever. Put an atomic zap on annoying pests and get rid of them forever!

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