Stainless Steel Survival Gravity Hook

The Gravity Hook is a grappling hook that lets you pick stuff up. It will get those tough jobs done. It's the part mechanical claw, part grappling hook. When it touches down,  gravity pushes the jaws open. 

Whereas lifting it closes the jaws around whatever you've caught inside. Maybe you dropped something in a hard to reach the place, or maybe you want to play your own claw machine game, whatever you need to grab, this thing will do it for you.


  • It works both as a mechanical claw machine, as well as a grappling hook. To use it as a grappling hook, just add the cross piece and your Gravity Hook is transformed into a 4 prong grappling hook.
  • The Gravity Hook can then be used to throw and anchor itself into whatever you throw, which is great for hiking, using in an emergency, climbing stuff, or just pretending to be Batman.
  • While in gravity hook mode, you can pick up all sorts of stuff just for fun, you can pick stuff up you dropped
  • behind a couch like sunglasses or a quarter, plus a ton of other uses. Plus it could even be used if you dropped something in a lake and need to retrieve it from the bottom.
  • The Gravity Hook grappling hook is made from G2 Titanium and it measures 5 1/4' X 3/8' X 2 1/2', though you can buy them in several styles and sizes. Gravity Hook is also rust resistant, compact and made of all stainless hardware.
  • The grappling hook comes unassembled or you can get it pre-assembled for $5.00 extra.
  • Using this awesome the grappling hook is probably the and most unique and fun way to grab things off the floor when you're too lazy to just bend down.
  • There's just something fun about grabbing things with a hook, It never gets old no matter how many times you do it. Plus just think of how much fun your kids would have with one of these things!

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