Spot Wand™

The Problem

Removing unwanted freckles, moles, sun spots and blemishes has always required a trip to a dermatologist.

Why Not Do It in Your Own Home?

As Often as You Want.

When You Want.

And Only Pay Once

It does work; it's actually phenomenal!

I have cleared my body of all dark spots (and I had A LOT)

- Alexandria L.

The Solution

Spot Wand™ is a professional grade blue laser blemish remover approved for use at home.

Product Summary

Spot Wand™ uses a pin-point precision blue laser to break down pigments and other materials that create blemishes, marks and other skin discolorations.  The same technology used for permanent hair removal.


Laser skin treatment is an established method that is recognized and endorsed by the FDA.  It is preferable to other blemish removal technologies for 3 key reasons:


      1. Causes minimal skin irritation vs other technologies

      2. High precision focusing only on the intended area

      3. Treatments typically last only a few minutes  


And Spot Wand™ goes even further:


      1. Now perform this in the privacy of your own home

      2. Costs $100s less than aestheticians

      3. Do as much or as little as you want

Hero Tip: Use low settings at first to get familiar with how it works.

5 Star Results!

I'm a medical aesthetician and I love this device.

- Annette H.

9 frequency & 4 intensity settings

Technical Specifications

Applicable Treatments: freckles, moles, sun spots, age spots, birth marks, tattoos & skin discolorations

Laser Pulse Frequency: 9 settings (up to 70 Hz)
Beam Intensity: 4 settings

Minimum skin sensitivity.  Unlike other treatments, typical use of ibuprofen or topical analgesics are sufficient.  Many people use ice or nothing at all.

Light Source: Sapphire blue laser

Dimensions: 7.5" tall x 2" length x 2" wide

Shipment Contains: 1 Spot Wand, 1 US power adapter (110 volt), 1 instruction manual


While Spot Wand will remove discolorations please be aware it does not remove physical or shape-related aspects of a mark such as colorless scars. 

The Result

it removed moles, brown spots and skin tags, some persistent spots took me 2 treatments

- Charles B.

Operation & Safety

Expand section to readoperating instructions, skin preparation, & post-process steps.

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