Soft Foam Gardening Knee Pads

COMFORT KNEE PROTECTION — Made with ergonomic, thick high-quality EVA foam caps to cushion your knees and protect surfaces from getting scratched, these pads are sturdy enough for real work but light enough you'll hardly know you're wearing them.

SECURE ADJUSTABLE FIT — Contoured to fit around your knees with a flexible and elastic neoprene strap. These pads stay in place comfortably and securely without irritating the backs of your legs.

ALL DAY COMFORT — With simple to adjust velcro straps, you can quickly slip the pads on or off. Soft foam liner provides generous padding and comfort. Ideal for preventing sore knees when you're kneeling in your garden

SAFE FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE — Perfect for kneeling when cleaning floors, gardening, painting, yoga, and more. Ribbed, abrasion-resistant protective shell prevents slipping on smooth surfaces and scratching your floors.

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