Smoothie Supreme™ Portable USB Juice Blender

PORTABLE COMPACT SIZE — The powerful Smoothie Supreme blender is very compact in size and portable and holds up to 12 fl oz. Portable size that is easy to pack and carry with you, whether on vacation or on your way to the office.

POWERFUL BLENDER — Easily blends protein shakes, fruit/veggie smoothies, baby food, and more. More than just a blender and juicer, it works great as a functional water bottle and is the perfect solution for protein shakes and smoothies.

BLEND ON THE GO— Ideal for those who are in a hurry, you can blend ingredients even on-the-go without having to plug it in. Designed with smart-charging USB technology for convenient charging.

SIMPLE TO CLEAN — Cleaning is a breeze with the Smoothie Supreme blender making it simple to ensure fresh, great tasting drinks every time. Other blenders are too large and a hassle to clean. This is easy to take apart, easy to put together. No mess!

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