Skin Therapy™ Professional Spa Thermal Steamer

MOISTURIZE SKIN — Generates nano-particle steam in about 30 Seconds. Moisturizing effectively, improving skin nutritional absorbency, relieving sinuses and cleansing pores.

PROFESSIONAL FACIAL TREATMENT—  Promotes collagen regeneration, makes skin clear and bright, 10x improved blood circulation, and supports healthier younger looking complexion.

RELAXING WARM MIST — Sit back and relax as a stream of warm mist covers your whole face at the exact temperature, never too hot. Effectively open up pores to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and other impurities from skin.

CLEARER SKIN — Clinical research has shown that steaming before skin care routine will help your skin absorb toner, serum and moisturizer much better. Makeup application afterwards will be much easier and last longer giving you a smoother, beautiful appearance.

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