Light Therapy Acne Pen

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  • Our Acne Pen can help you get clear, beautiful skin.
  • The pen utilizes blue light therapy to promote collagen production to repair skin and clear up acne.
  • It’s pain-free, portable, and easy to use. Say goodbye to acne marks!
  • Utilizes light therapy to promote clear skin.
  • Helps to promote collagen production to eliminate acne marks and repair scars Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to use Non-intrusive Battery-powered (1 AA battery not included)Specifications:
    • Name: Blu-ray anti-acne stick
    • Voltage: DC1.5V
    • Current: 0.6A
    • Power: 0.9W
    • Product size:  135*19MM
    • What is the best light therapy for acne?

      • Light therapy uses red and/or blue LED lights to treat and prevent acne. Blue light may kill the bacteria responsible for acne, while red light may reduce the skin’s oil production. Light therapy is most effective for mild to moderate cases of acne.

      Does red light therapy really work for acne?

      • The study reported that red light therapy reduced non-inflammatory acne (whiteheads and blackheads) by 59% and inflammatory acne (papules and pustules) by 66%. The authors stated, "Although it does not eradicate the acne lesions completely, it clearly diminishes the number of acne lesions.

      What is the best blue light for acne?

      • Blue light therapy is a fantastic option for anyone suffering with acne Jennifer. The dpl Nuve Blue and the Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro are two of the best systems out there.


      Can at-home light therapy help acne?

      • Some scientific research has shown that at-home light therapy devices can successfully treat mild acne. In one study, participants who used light therapy devices at home reported a noticeable reduction in their acne symptoms-particularly the number of pustules and papules on their skin.

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Orpha Hoeger

Within 2 days use, vanish my pimples already! Genuine super, I am him well further to the try on spots exceem of my son, and on the varicose veins of my man. Am very curious. I am now been very satisfied with it. Thank you seller.

Elta Heaney


Jada Veum

Description précise

General Stiedemann

Fast delivery, I have not had time to try it yet I will put another review later

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