Makeup Vanity 22 LEDs Touch Light Mirror

ACCURATE LIGHTING — With 22 white LED lights that will show your skin tone and color clearly and correctly so you can easily apply the perfect amount of foundation, concealer, blushes, highlighters, lipstick, etc.

ADJUST ANY POSITION — 180 degree free rotation can allow you to adjust to the perfect position with balanced facial light. You don't need a magnifying mirror because this mirror creates an ultra clear view of your skin.

PERFECT BRIGHTNESS — The 22 LEDs have the perfect brightness for makeup and skincare. 3 light modes give you full dimmable light effects.

TOUCH SCREEN — For your convenience, simply turn the LED Lights ON/OFF by pressing the circle button on the mirror.

PORTABLE — This makeup mirror is portable, movable, lightweight, easy-to-clean, travel-friendly. USB charging or 4x AA batteries can be used for extended use on a single charge.

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