Magnetic Wonder

GREAT for All Members of The Family!

Children, Teens, Elderly?


Don't be the last one to have this!

Very entertaining with GreatMind Exercises!

·        Educating Your Children in the process of playing, the magnetic stick develops the space of their imagination.

·        This magic magnetic building set is a fun and easy way to foster creativity in children by allowing them to bring their imagination to life. 

·        The durable construction of this set means that it will stand up to everyday play. 

·        The sticks in this set are made of a solid steel core, it also allows more of the magnetic force to be utilized making them stronger. 

·        The steel balls included are not magnets but will securely stick to the magnetic bars allowing you to make bigger and more durable creations.

·        The parts in this kit will fit perfectly with parts from other sets to allow you to build even larger items. 

·        It includes 36pcs magnetic sticks and 27pcs magnetic beads, which can be built into different shapes. Also, more parts can be added to build a more complex shape.



Magnetic Stick Size (about): diameter 4mm x length 23mm/0.16*0.91in.
Steel Ball Diameter (about): 8mm/0.31in.

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