Luxury Spa™ Massaging Water Filter Shower Head

CLEANER WATER — Enhanced with 2 layers of mineralized stones that reduces harmful water impurities, chlorine, and bacteria which are the sources of damaged hair and dry skin. Our handheld shower head will help you restore healthier hair and skin.

BETTER HAIR & SKIN — Say goodbye to hair and dry skin problems from chlorine and hard water. This Water Filter Shower Head gives you a wonderful, invigorating shower experience!

ECO FRIENDLY — Conserve water consumption up to 30% with our newly-designed Shower Head designed with 250 water jet holes for efficiency.

SHOWER MASSAGE — Relax and let the stress melt away with 3 adjustable spray settings. Designed with 3 Spray Settings: Massage, Jet, and Rainfall for a truly spa-like experience. Turn your shower into your own personal luxury spa!

EASY TO INSTALL — Easy to hook up and installs in 1 minute. No complicated tools needed. Fits any standard sized shower hose.

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