Luminous Hand Launch Flying Foam Airplane

Spending quality time with family has never been easier, this Luminous Hand Launch Flying Airplane has made it easier and fun. With no extra effort, this airplane glides and flies smoothly with no turbulence in the air. Suitable for both Adults and Children.  This outdoor fun activity toy is being used by thousands of parents.


- It has a novel appearance, the designed wings are balanced and stabilized to improve the ability of gliding in the air.

- Made of high quality with EPP high-polymer material and with no harming materials. 

- Durable, flexible and lightweight.

-  Impact resistance is strong and does not break or crack when landing.

- Comes with inbuilt lights that makes flying better in the night hours.


Easy to Install:
Plug the rear wing under the backward of the glider where space is allocated.


Type: Airplane
Size: 35cm*30cm*9cm (L*W*H)
Fly Distance: Ca. 30 - 50 M
Material: EPP Foam
Color: As shown in the pictures

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