Ionic Anti-Frizz Hair Brush

Don't you hate those bad hair days with flyaway, frizz, and static? Introducing the electric hair ionic brush that instantly restores your shiny, smooth hair!

ION TECHNOLOGY — Straightening brush with double Ionic generator releases more negative ionic to reduce split ends and knotting, gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look, rather than a flat burnt look.

COMFORT ROUND END TIP — The round end tip will prevent the scalp from damage and the cushioned brush allows the brush to follow through the head shape.

COMPACT DESIGN — The brush is compact, lightweight and portable to carry around anywhere. It can be used anytime, anywhere with the battery. It is easily detachable to clean each part easily.

EASY TO USE — Turn ON the switch. Negative ions will be actively released from the brush. Brush your hair from scalp to hair tip softly and repeat accordingly. After use turn OFF the switch.

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