Insulation Pad Foam Car Interior

This is made possible by the fact that they contain butyl. This makes them so much more efficient in insulation as compared to other automotive sound deadening mats.

For most people, installing is the scariest part. With these mats, it doesn't have to be. Besides being easy to install, they also come with an indicator to show whether or not you have installed the mats correctly. All you have to do is roll the embossing on the foil until it becomes plain and smooth.

The mats are also very flexible. Flexibility is key when it comes to automotive sound deadening materials. You certainly want to be able to twist and turn the material depending on what are you are insulating.

Besides being very efficient when it comes to sound deadening, they also act as a heat barrier. They have a thermal and vapor barrier allowing them to block up to 97% of radiant heat.

Butyl Rubber & Synthetic Polymer Materials

Placement: Car door, Hood
Type: Soundproof Cotton

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