High Pressure Adjustable Brass Hose Nozzle

MADE OF SOLID BRASS — This quality brass sprayer allows for various misting sprays as well as full force streams for tough mud and dirt removal with just a simple twist of the nozzle. Built of solid brass, this hose sprayer is built to last, unlike plastic nozzles that break when dropped or stepped on.

ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE — Adjustable high-pressure hose nozzle for walkways, gardening, car wash and more. Multiple spray patterns and flow volume are at your fingertips. Twisting barrel adjusts water from light spray for delicate plants to powerful pressure jet stream for removing dirt and grime.

FITS STANDARD HOSE — Universal tight fit for any standard garden hose. Tired of leaky hose nozzles? This design is a leak-proof design that will last forever.

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT — Unlike other garden nozzles that give you sore hands, this nozzle doesn't require you to hold down a handle. Simply turn the nozzle to your desired water flow and it stays constant without anymore effort on your part.

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