Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment

DRY HAIR FASTER —The Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment is the most convenient way to set or perm your hair for the latest styles. It provides a fast and convenient way to dry your hair and is the perfect accessory to use with your curl formers, rollers and velcros.

FITS ANY HANDHELD DRYER — Unique, non-slip, silicone hose collar, attaches to most handheld dryers. It has more ventilation holes for faster and even heat distribution.

SET OR PERM YOUR HAIR — Great for conditioning treatments,heat-activated treatments, hot oils, etc. Perfect for styling and setting with rods or rollers.

PORTABLE SIZE — Converts your hair dryer into a professional hair drying system at home. It's safe, lightweight, comfortable and convenient. Folds down to a small packet when not in use.

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