Flexible Universal Tablet Holder

For office work, elevate screen to eye level at the desk and save your neck from the strain. It is also useful to refer to recipes while cooking. - The newest product is portable and totally hands-free! Especially suitable for use on bed or couch.

- The four legs can be bent easily to create a stable stand with the best height and width. For the old version, you have to adjust the four legs to get the best viewing angle, now you only need to rotate the center of stand to change the viewing angle! It is more convenient than before!

- Adjustable silicone band keeps tablets and smartphones securely mounted and immobile.

- The adjustable stand allows you to hold your tablet or cell phone in any viewing position on any surface.

- Leaving your hands free, prevent from arm pain and numbness

- With the item, you don’t need to hold your tablet or mobile phone for a long time. Also, you can keep far away from the screen, which would protect your eyesight

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