Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Digital LED Instant Reader

CLINICALLY TESTED — FDA and CE APPROVED to ensure quick and accurate readings for SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), pulse rate and perfusion index in 10 seconds or less.

CLEAR LED DISPLAY — Results can be easily viewed in any of 6 orientations on the ultra-clear LED display.

FAST & EFFICIENT — Simply put your finger in the chamber and press the power/function button for a fast accurate reading. Automatically powers-off after 10 seconds when not being used.

ADVANCED ACCURACY — MeasuPro uses advanced technology to give accurate SpO2 measurements of +/- 2% with a range of 35%-100% while pulse rate has an accuracy of +/-2 bpm and a measurement range of 25-250 bpm.

ULTRA COMPACT SIZE — Very light and compact size makes it super convenient carrying to the office, gym, climbing, biking, or wherever else you may need it!

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