Drill Brush Power Scrubber Attachment

REMOVES DIRT EFFECTIVELY — Make your bathroom squeaky clean again in just minutes. Transform dirty tile grout back to its original clean, white appearance. With the stiff bristles, the drill brush attachment will quickly and easily clean any surface.

REMOVES STUBBORN STAINS — Perfect for removing hard water stains, mineral deposits, rusty spots, soap scum and caked on stains. Works great for those with arthritis or elderly people to clean without much effort.

SAVE TIME — With an electric power drill (not included), you will make cleaning much easier and quicker. No more hand scrubbing and sore arms, with the drill brush attachment you will quickly cut down on cleaning time.

FITS MOST DRILLS — Compatible with most standard power drills. Features industrial strength stainless steel shafts that will attach onto your power drill without breaking.

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