Cat Corner Groomer

Entertain your beloved cat and keep their fur parasite & dander-free in one go: with the Cat Self-Comb Corner Groomer. Featuring massaging bristles that drag off fur and a chamber for cat-attracting catnip, this device is easy to install!


1. Great toy for your cat
2. Your cat can enjoy a nice massage
3. They will be attracted by the catnip inside the brush
4. Can be installed on furniture or wall corners

Why you should buy it: Cats love rubbing themselves and a good massage. They also love catnip. We have a product that combines the two things for your cat to enjoy when you're not around and he/she needs a good scratch. If you put catnip inside they will be even more attracted to use it! The installation is very easy: you can attach it to any corner in your house. Do your cat a favor and buy one! \

It is installed in the corner, a small groove on the edge can attract the cat into catnip. 


Material: Plastic 
Size:Approx. 13*9cm 
Color:Black, green, grey, blue, pink, gold, burgundy, light green, sky blue 

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