Car Steering Wheel Lock C

Anti Theft Security Car Steering Wheel Master Lock Halfords Bar

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Car steering wheel lock anti theft safety alarm lock emit 25s 130 db alarm sound provides visual deterrent and another layer of protection for your vehcle, deterrent to car thieves. The claw is adjustable by closing the arms as they work on a ratchet system, ensures your steering wheel is not be scratched during use and without leaving marks on the wheel, Universal fit for all type of the car steering wheel: Vans,small car,Pickup Trucks, Minivans & SUVs et.


The Car Lock with high quality hardened steel molding so that it can resist prying, sawing, hammering, and freon attacks. The durable lock core is designed to increase strength, provide low interturn rate, high strength handle, avoid scratching steering wheel. The service life lasted for up to 10 years.

The Car Steering Wheel Lock is highly visible and provides a strong visual deterrent that alerts a potential thief that your car is protected.

Steering Wheel Lock is virtually impossible to defeat and time and effort are a thief's enemies.

The new and improved solid steel hooks provide even greater security.

Easy and convenient to operate.The lock can be adjusted and is suitable for most vehicles.

Multi-purpose use.It's not only a security car lock, but also a safety hammer.The lock has a solid lock body, in addition to the anti-theft, can also used as a self-defense weapon and smash the window for safety escape.

The lock on the steering wheel has three forks and the lock handle can clamp the car body, the steering wheel can not rotate, anti-theft, greatly improve anti-theft performance.

Three-direction locking - The thief must cut off the left right and below sides of the steering wheel at the same time, then he could remove the lock. According to the test, it will take 45 minutes to cut three bars, and most thieves usually give up in 5 minutes without opening the lock.

With configure alarm system.After locking, the function starts in 8s, and the red light of the alarm lock flashes, When there is a slight shake, the alarm lock will continue to emit 25s 130 db alarm sound.

How To Use:
Step 1: Just locked into the standby state, the warning light does not immediately light up, there are a few seconds to stay, in order to prevent False alarms when the owner closed the door caused vibration
Step 2: After seconds, turn into the warning state, the LED indicator light is flashing, slightly touched, it will alarm
Step 3: After the alarm is activated, the warning light flashes rapidly, giving 30 db of warning sound after seconds, This is to prevent the owner unlock, open the door or other ways to touch the alarm, resulting in false alarms
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Material: Alloy+Leather
Model Number: 396
Brand Name: AUMOHALL

Package included: 
1 X Anti-theft Steering Wheel Lock 

ST-T396-GR (1)

ST-T396-GR (2)

ST-T396-GR (3)

ST-T396-GR (4)

ST-T396-GR (5)

ST-T396-GR (6)

ST-T396-GR (9)

ST-T396-GR (10)


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Car Steering Wheel Lock C


Top! Top!!!!!!! Worth and I recommend


Excellent!!!!!! Tested and approved, 5 stars securely seal OK Quality good, being a mechanical mechanism is good time pass grease in mechanism, but in lock use only grafit pencil powder, not use grease in Lock!!!


Quality is not very. It is not clear how this can stop the hijacker. But for additional protection it is possible to fit


Car Steering Wheel Lock C

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