4pcs Dual Laminate Teeth Grinding Night Guard

You may see or hear many different terms relating to “teeth-grinding” when searching the internet or consulting your doctor. Whether you have been told that you suffer from bruxism, teeth-grinding, clenching, gritting teeth, or that you clench your jaw, you’ve come to the right place. These terms are interchangeable meaning that if you suffer from bruxism, you suffer from teeth-grinding or that you suffer from clenching your jaw. Now that you know these terms all mean the same thing, what are the dental products that can stop common teeth-grinding?

Like the interchangeable terms for teeth-grinding you’ll hear that bruxism guards, night guards, mouth guards, clenching guards, TMJ guards, teeth-grinding guards, dental guards, occlusal guards, gritting teeth guards, dental mouth guards, sleep guards, mouth splints, grind guards, and bite guards all help fight against night-time teeth-grinding. So why are all these terms and product names all thrown around if they all mean the same thing? Dental Products change over time and the names depend on the location. The important thing is that you now know that these terms and products are the same. So are you a candidate for a custom DIY Teeth-Grinding guard? Let’s check your symptoms. 


Teeth-Grinding Symptoms


What are the symptoms of teeth-grinding? If you think to yourself

“I wake up with headaches”

“My head hurts when I wake up”

“My jaw is sore when I wake up”

“My teeth are sensitive in the morning” 

“My jaw feels stiff in the morning” 

“Why does my mouth hurt in the mornings”

“Why do my teeth hurt in the mornings”

“My teeth feel like they are shifting”

“I wake up with jaw pain” 

“My gums are sore in the morning”

“My gums hurt in the morning”

“My teeth are agitated in the morning” 

“I snore often and loud”

If you’ve ever had these thoughts or symptoms, chances are that you are a teeth-grinder while you sleep. If you have a partner, they may even hear your teeth grinding or jaw clenching during the night. Teeth-grinding produces an audible noise that resembles clicking or a grinding sound coming from your mouth. Stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to teeth-grinding at night, and it’s common to grind your teeth during the day if you deal with these conditions.

Solutions For Teeth-Grinding


You’ve come to the right place to find a solution for your bruxism. Sporting Smiles offers a variety of teeth-grinding mouthguards each custom made for instant results. With our night guards, you will protect your teeth from damage, save money, sleep more, and finally be relieved from that jaw pain and nagging morning headaches. You won't need any expensive dental visits or insurance. You can order your patented DIY Custom Impression Kit all from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it hard to make the impressions at home? - We’ve helped thousands of people successfully make their at-home impressions using our kit. Because everyone’s mouth is different, it’s important to have an impression tray that adjusts. In 2011, we patented our adjustable tray to make it even easier to get a perfect impression. We include an extra set of impression material, just in case. You’ll want to watch the video and make sure you’ve got everything prepared properly. But in our experience, making the impression at home is much easier than scheduling an appointment, driving across town, sitting in a waiting room, and spending hundreds of extra dollars to have your orthodontist do this for you.

How Long Does It Take to get my custom teeth grinding guard? - As soon as your impression is received, it will take approximately 10 business days before your new appliance is completed and shipped. International shipping can be a lengthy process. Please be patient when ordering internationally. (We ship same day orders Monday through Friday with orders placed before 3 PM CST)

What if I mess up my impression? If the impression material hardens or the impression doesn't come out well, we will send you out a replacement putty free of charge, the tray is reusable. If the kit is sent in and the impression(s) were bad it would be a 15 dollar charge to cover shipping you another impression kit.

Are there other names for teeth-grinding guards? Yes! It might depend on where you live or how old your dentist is but the terminology that revolves around teeth grinding guards can be confusing so we'll make it easy for you. Teeth Grinding Guards, Night Time Guards, Day Time Guards, Bite Guards, Occlusal Splint, Bit Splint, Sleep Guard, Bruxism Guards are all the same thing! They are just different terms used for guards to prevent teeth grinding.

What are the symptoms of teeth grinding? You may be grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw at night without even knowing it. Symptoms of teeth grinding include:

1. Waking up with jaw pain 

2. A noticeable shift in your teeth

3. You suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression

4. Your teeth are sore or hurt 

5. You've recently had teeth removed

If you sleep with a partner, they may be able to spot other symptoms of teeth-grinding including hearing you snore often, hearing a grinding or clicking noise coming from your mouth at night, and witnessing you tossing and turning in bed. 

Are your products BPA Free? - Yes! All our products (retainers, whitening trays, night mouth guards, and athletic mouthguards) are BPA, BPS, DEHP, and latex-free.

Does Sporting Smiles accept HSA or Flex payment options? Yes! You can use your HSA card and if any special invoicing is required Sporting Smiles will work with your insurance company to complete the transaction. Teeth-grinding guards are an excellent choice to spend your HSA account on. Teeth-grinding is a serious oral health issue and without proper care or a solution can lead to expensive surgery or permanent facial reconstruction as the jaw bone shifts. 



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Took to protect teeth from bruxism during sleep. The order is processed and delivered promptly. In the Parcel 4 caps, without taste and smells, everything is exactly as in the description of the goods. Watch your teeth! I can advise everyone who has the same problem to buy. I use Kappu for a while from the minuses I stand out: 1) it is not comfortable in sleep, it is felt in the mouth, hence the abundant saliva, 2, 2 Grade 4/5.

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