Mover Pads™ Heavy Duty Furniture Slides

PROTECT YOUR HARD SURFACES — Everyday use and movement of furniture can actually be damaging your hard floor surfaces. These SoftTouch Caster Cups protect your beautiful hardwood, ceramic tile and linoleum floors from marring and scratches.

REDUCE SCRATCHING AND NOISE — Use these furniture protector cups to reduce friction and noise while moving furniture and protect your hardwood, ceramic, tile, linoleum floors and all other hard surfaces from unsightly scratches, marring and damage.

REDUCE NOISE FROM EVERYDAY USE — Never again hear the annoying scraping sound of a chair being pushed against a hard surface – these furniture protectors help reduce friction and noise from everyday use.

PERFECT FOR ALL FURNITURE — The long-lasting furniture movers are heavy duty caster cups featuring a carpeted bottom, and can be used on tables, softs, chairs, curio cabinets, desks and much more.

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