10000 m 532nm 5mw Green Laser Sight Lasers Pointed Powerful device Adjustable

                     Best Green Laser Sight 

Reflecting back off of the dust and suspended particles in the atmosphere, a green laser provides a pointer beam allowing the user to trace out constellations and faint objects. Lasers can also be mounted on the optical tube assemblies of a telescope for pointing in lieu of a finder scope. A typical 5mW green laser pointer.微信图片_20190401204138 拷贝

Output Power: 1-5mW
Type: Laser Sight
Model Number: FH2016
Please note: Does not contain battery
Wavelength: 532nm
Laser range: More than 3 kilometers
Focus mode: adjustable
Shell color: Black, blue, gold, red
Laser color: Green微信图片_20190401204138 拷贝微信图片_20190401204155 拷贝微信图片_20190401204209 拷贝微信图片_20190401204200 拷贝

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